Lets Talk About 600 W. Commonwealth

The following is cross-posted from Friends for Fullerton’s Future: And My Field-trip to Fact-Check Red Oak Investments This coming Tuesday the Fullerton City Council has a packed agenda and the most noise I’ve heard over the agenda is regarding the Red Oak Development. For the uninitiated that is the “Mixed-Use” Apartment complex that is being […]

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How Much Mixed-Use Do We Need?

The following is cross-posted from Friends for Fullerton’s Future: Looking Askance at the “Need” Argument The City of Fullerton is the process, through the planning commission, of bringing another abomination of a project back to life. What was once “Amerige Court” will now be “Amerige Commons”. The key reason that the Amerige Commons project is […]

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Parking - Amerige Commons
Parking at “Amerige Commons”

To go with my recent post on F.F.F.F. about the development plan at what is being called “Amerige Commons” I wanted to show the specific issue of parking as it related to how busy things are now (on a slower Thursday evening) and put in your minds that adding more residents and more businesses will […]

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Trading Our City for Trader Joe’s

The City is going to lie to you in order to get what it wants and what it wants is high-density multi-story “mixed-use” properties all over town. It wants these for the developer fees and the property taxes. To hear┬áMa’Ayn Johnson of the planning commission speak you’d believe that we just need the “right demographics” […]

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Fullerton’s Political Silly Season

Tonight’s Fullerton Planning Commission meeting was about the approval of the 295-unit high-density housing complex going up at 600 W. Commonwealth Avenue where Mullahey Chevrolet used to sit. This post-modern Los Angeles influenced building was approved by one of the most condescending set of bureaucrats I have as of yet had the pleasure of dealing […]

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