Mail Bag – “Danny”

I received a message from my site contact form from “Danny” and instead of just responding I figured I’d post it in the “Mail Bag” category so others might know where I stand on some issues that are of concern to our residents. First let us start with his questions and then I’ll dive into […]

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Burying the Opposition – Daily Titan Edition

Last night the Daily Titan sent out an email to the candidates running for Fullerton City Council asking if we would each be willing to do an interview “since the students at our school should be informed on who’s running for city council and who wins a spot by the end of it.”. The deadline […]

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Mail Bag vol. 1 – POTUS

I’m going to be sharing my answers to people on certain messages I receive as a way to share my opinions with a wider audience. Our first email comes from “01*”. “01” asks who I plan to support for the Presidency. My answer was as follows; *01 is a obvious pseudonym.  Hello “01”, I appreciate […]

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