About That Puppy

Besides “How did the election go?” the number one question I get since running for office is “Did you get the puppy?”. The reason is, as anybody who watched my campaign for Fullerton City Council knows, is that my wife wants a puppy and I ran ads on the notion because it was funny. She […]

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Vote Ferguson for Fullerton Today!

We won’t yet know for several more hours how this adventure will play out but I wanted to say thank you to all of the people who have supported me, walked my fliers, shared content on Facebook, liked said content and especially those who have already voted for me or are heading out to vote […]

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Why You Mr. Ferguson?

I’m going to explain a little about myself to help answer the “Why You Mr. Ferguson?” question. First let’s talk about that “My Family Gets a Puppy” post that I boosted on Facebook and several people have complained about, shall we? It’s relevant I promise. Let us not dwell on the negative responses as I […]

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