How Much Mixed-Use Do We Need?

The following is cross-posted from Friends for Fullerton’s Future: Looking Askance at the “Need” Argument The City of Fullerton is the process, through the planning commission, of bringing another abomination of a project back to life. What was once “Amerige Court” will now be “Amerige Commons”. The key reason that the Amerige Commons project is […]

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Parking - Amerige Commons
Parking at “Amerige Commons”

To go with my recent post on F.F.F.F. about the development plan at what is being called “Amerige Commons” I wanted to show the specific issue of parking as it related to how busy things are now (on a slower Thursday evening) and put in your minds that adding more residents and more businesses will […]

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An Apology of Sorts to Joe Felz RE: Roads

I wanted to give a quick update to let people know that City Manager Joe Felz did in fact try to get back to me on the issue of how many miles of roads we repair each year. In asking for different information it came up that an email the city clerk had sent out […]

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How About Them Roads

It’s now been over two weeks since the City Manager said he would get back to me on how they calculate the 8 Miles of road repairs claimed by Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald and so today we’re going to do some math and see if we can’t make the numbers work in her favor as I […]

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Driven Crazy by Fullerton’s Roads

You know you are in Fullerton because the road tells your car the minute you arrive. That’s a joke that I’ve heard around town and the City’s own internal average score of 61 (out of 100) confirms that our roads are in poor shape. To hear the city tell it we’re doing a bang-up job […]

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