Parking at “Amerige Commons”

To go with my recent post on F.F.F.F. about the development plan at what is being called “Amerige Commons” I wanted to show the specific issue of parking as it related to how busy things are now (on a slower Thursday evening) and put in your minds that adding more residents and more businesses will further impact this particular problem. It was specifically get worse because the city isn’t requiring MORE PARKING which was the original impetus for selling us on this plan in the first place.

I show this with my phone as I was going to pick my wife up from work after finding a parking spot within a reasonable distance. I wasn’t looking for an Oscar when I shot the video, nor did I plan to shoot it, so please ignore the quality and misspoken words. The point was to show how things really are regarding parking in Downtown Fullerton specific to the proposed Amerige Commons plan on a whim.

I can follow it up with better footage and a more detailed explanation later if needed.