Parking - Amerige Commons
Parking at “Amerige Commons”

To go with my recent post on F.F.F.F. about the development plan at what is being called “Amerige Commons” I wanted to show the specific issue of parking as it related to how busy things are now (on a slower Thursday evening) and put in your minds that adding more residents and more businesses will […]

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The Reason I’m Celebrating Chanukah

Since Christmas Eve, the first day of Chanukah, I have been lighting a Menorah (also called a chanukiyah with it’s 9-branches) for the sole reason that we have a menorah that my wife has had for years and I wanted to put it to use for the first time. I figured after nearly 20 years […]

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About That Puppy

Besides “How did the election go?” the number one question I get since running for office is “Did you get the puppy?”. The reason is, as anybody who watched my campaign for Fullerton City Council knows, is that my wife wants a puppy and I ran ads on the notion because it was funny. She […]

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