2016 Campaign Wrap

I lost. I didn’t just lose I lost to crazy. That has basically crushed me in this process. I knew I wasn’t going to win as I’m not a naive child but to lose so badly after the effort I tried to put in only to find out that people will literally vote for crazy, vote for people who aren’t actually running or just vote blindly is enough to … yeah I can’t even pull a witty metaphor right now I’m so crushed.

People want me to hold my head up high and I want to do that but I set a water-mark for myself and I didn’t make it. My goal was to not lose to actual, provable crazy and I couldn’t do that. I’ll explain for those who might be confused.

Candidate Joe Imbriano is crazy. He thinks the Earth is Flat. He thinks Freemasons, Occultists & Black Magicians helped orchestrate the “fake” moon landing. He calls iPads “Infertility Pads” and his #1 issue is to ban all WiFi from schools. The man is loco.

And yet he beat me hands down. He littered the town with signs, and I mean liter in the most W.T.F. sort of way. He had his surrogates such as Barry Levinson beating the drum for him. He was a rude little troll of a man who attacked nearly everybody of note in the campaign including people who I became friends with such as Whitaker and Gapinski. We can disagree on policy but Imbriano is a mean little man and I have no use for his brand of politics OR crazy.

But apparently the Voters of Fullerton do have use for it because he beat me hands down. Congrats on that I suppose even if we both lost.

I had hoped, obviously, to win. I knew I wouldn’t but I had to have some optimism at my sails or I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything. Really though I had hoped that Bruce Whitaker would win because I like the man. I had hoped that Susie Gapinski would win because she was one of my biggest supporters and we became fast friends. I had also hoped that Jane Rands would win this time because while Jane and I don’t agree I have a deep respect for her and her desire to do good.

Instead Bruce won and instead of myself, Susie or Jane we got Jennifer Fitzgerald and it looks like Jesus Silva.

I have no use for Jennifer Fitzgerald as I simply have no use for liars. This isn’t me being mean. She tells voters we have a balanced budget when we’ve run in the red for 4 years straight with her on council. She has voted for structural debt and lies to the people of Fullerton time and again. This is not a nuanced argument. Either you spend less money than you take in or you don’t. We don’t. Again, I have no use for liars.

Jesus Silva ran a boilerplate campaign with nothing but generic platitudes. He showed no vision or details and offered no real solutions. I don’t see anything changing with him on council as he’ll likely be a rubber-stamp for the very pensions and handouts that are bankrupting us currently.

At least Bruce won but he’ll continue to be on the losing end of a 3-2 split for 4 more years so I’m not sure he really won anything but more headaches. I wish him well and I hope he has stock in Bayer.

Perhaps this sounds like sour grapes, and perhaps it is, but it is really disappointing to know that in the Information Age with vast amounts of data at our fingertips people won’t even do a search while they sit on Facebook to learn about the people for whom they vote. It’s hard to watch yourself lose to actual, literal crazy and want to go through it all again “next time”.

Tonight I will go around town and pick up my signs so if for some odd reason you want to keep the one you may have then just remove it beforehand. Thank you to the people who supported me and helped me get through this but we were just outnumbered and outspent by the status quo… and crazy.